The Alarm Clock That Plants REAL Trees 🌲

Wake up on time, plant trees. It's that simple.

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Wake up for a cause greater than yourself - the planet 🌎

EcoWake helps you wake up peacefully and with purpose every day.

Here's How it Works

We do all the heavy lifting for you - just focus on waking up on time!
  • 1. Set Your Alarm: Download EcoWake, and before you go to bed make sure to set your wake-up time for the morning.
  • 2. Wake up on Time to Earn Seeds: If you snooze or go back to sleep, you lose your seeds.
  • 3. Plant a tree! We take your virtual "Seeds" and plant a tree in your name in the world.

The Why: The DARK SIDE of the Snooze Button

4 hours

Of lost productivity EVERY DAY due to increased brain fog

700 Genes

That are negatively affected by the snooze button

🌐 Nepal to Madagascar 🌐

With the help of our tree-planting partners, your trees get planted through projects all over the developing world: from mangrove replanting initiatives in Indonesia, to deciduous forest projects in West Africa. Help us continue to support these and other world-changing projects fighting the climate crisis!

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